• Traces of Dance

  • Movement-Image

    In his famous Cinéma 1, L'Image-Mouvement "classifications of images and signs", Gilles Deleuze coined the term movement-image as being the continuity of movement contained within a single image plane rather than such movement being described through a succession of discreet and static moments or images. Being receptive to chance and accident opens possibility for the production of the new experience of the in-between stages of movement as a whole.

  • Time-Image

    Time-image is an image which is infused with time.
    In this series, I am folding three basic states of time: Recognition, Recollection, and Dream, into one image.
    It is an homage to Deleuze's Cinema-2 critique of clock time, celebrating lived-time-of-duration, where clock-time is a form of space and lived-time is a form of freedom and multiple possibilities.

    "When we think of the time captured by clocks, we think of each moment as a self-contained entity, complete unto itself, separate from the others, as pearls on a string, with each pearl a separate moment. With each tick of the clock, we move from one pearl to the next."

    In contrast to the stop-motion activity described above, Time-Image might be akin to the pearl necklace soaked in vinegar as one contemplates the process of all pearls slowly dissolving into one "perlescence".

  • Being Alive

  • Gesammtvorstellung

    This series of collages represents a working process for a corresponding series of oil paintings. Each image has a story associated with it.
    The term Gesammtvorstellung was coined by Jean Baudrillard in his Seduction, as well as in his Simulacra and Simulation, and for me is the means to deliver an undeliverable message in between lines via negative space to create synergistic experience of the whole that is greater than the simple sum of its parts.

  • Sketchbook

    Only one tool that I know of keeps diverse ideas, research, and reflection in one place so that they can smash together when you aren’t paying attention: the sketchbook.
    I refer to old sketchbooks that I made many years ago. The "raw" ideas in those pages engender completely new resonance to me today, and in some instances have manifested as projects years later.

  • Totemic Romanticism

    True contact between beings is established only by mute presence, by apparent non-communication, by that mysterious and wordless exchange which resembles inward prayer or meditation.
    Quoting Cioran: Lyricism reaches its ultimate form of expression only through delirium, ... "reality" falls within the province of lunacy... and "Those who write under the spell of inspiration, for whom thought is an expression of their organic nervous disposition, do not concern themselves with unity and systems."

    A grid of Golden Mean brings together Animal people, and Human people. Forgotten fairy tales acquire new meanings and new stories get reflected in old mirrors of imagination... It's important to understand that what one is seeing is not the same thing as what is being shown. Each painting reveals itself over time, all creative intentions and decisions are supported, constrained, and negotiated by a complex mixture of artists’ dispositions; established practices, forms, and codes; and the likely fit between the two. Professional, aesthetic, practical, and moral ways of thinking and doing define a creative field of "possibles" which, in turn, enable what a creator might do.

    In Tiv culture, people would argue that a song is happy when it is sung at a birth and sad when it is sung at a funeral.

    The title is an essential element of painting.

  • Portraits

    This series of portraits was done for LEIMAY publication. It was published in 2017.

  • Cavalcades

    This gallery is currently under construction.

    This series continues the process of Time-Image and Movement-Image, while being inspired by the beautiful cadence of the Rinpa aesthetic in Japanese Art.

  • Daughters of Alchemy

    This gallery is currently under construction.

    Quoting Daughters of Alchemy by Meredith K. Ray:

    Caterina’s defense of the Rocca di Ravaldino, the main fortress of Forlì, in the wake of the coup against Girolamo, when she successfully outwitted her enemies by overturning their expectations of her as a female ruler. Machiavelli, who had occasion to treat with Caterina on behalf of Florence, famously relates the story in his Discourses, describing how Caterina, in response to her foes’ threats to kill her hostage children, lifted her skirts, pointed to her genitalia, and retorted that she could make others.
    While Machiavelli’s account of the incident is rather more theatrical than the description offered by contemporary chroniclers, it cemented her enduring public image as a virago who had defiantly preferred losing her children to losing her state.
    In The Prince, Machiavelli further immortalized Caterina as an audacious leader, celebrating her courage even as he noted her defeat by Cesare Borgia and his forces.


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